Application Process

Get ready to take your story anywhere.


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1. Apply for a job at SES

It’s getting your resume and cover letter in shape that takes the time. Our application is easy.

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2. CV and letter received

Our Talent Acquisition team will review the application and do initial screening of all candidates.


3. The interviews

There will often be more than one interview with a number of different people. These are usually done by a mix of over the phone, by MS Teams or in person. Some may even be a group interview.



4. The SES offer

Congratulations. You’re just steps away from your SES story. A recruiter will contact you by phone to tell you you’ve been offered the job.


5. Sign the contract

You’ll be sent a contract and offer letter to sign through our DocuSign system.


6. Start your Story

The SES Employee Services team will take it from here. They will handle all aspects of your onboarding and prepare you for the induction.

Take your story anywhere

Get ready to take it anywhere you choose. With SES.

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