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Introducing the world’s first 5G-ready satellite backhaul service

Beyond terrestrial: unlock the opportunities

Most mobile base stations are connected by fibre or microwave. But, in mountainous regions, low-density villages, or for remote industry, the economics of investing in this infrastructure are risky.

Our managed mobile backhaul service uses satellite to connect your core network with hard-to-reach locations – from a single site to multi-tower aggregation. O3b mPOWER, the most advanced addition to our multi-orbit satellite fleet, means we are 5G-ready and can service any bandwidth need, from megabits to gigabits.

Reach new customers

Fulfil universal service obligations

Connect to remote enterprise


5G Mobile Backhaul

Not all satellite networks are 5G ready. In this two-minute video, discover what it takes to extend 5G network edge, anywhere.


Grow your business

Discover how Tusass delivered flat-rate LTE-ready mobile broadband in Eastern Greenland.

Connecting underserved regions

Learn how OptimERA WiFi connected Unalaska citizens with the rest of the world.

Bridge the digital divide

Explore how Entel brought for the first time 4G connectivity services to everyone in Iquitos, Peru.

Our services

Mobile backhaul (GEO)

Our wide beam and HTS Ku-band satellites deliver the reliability and performance MNOs need to rapidly extend networks and meet universal service obligations.

Mobile Backhaul (via SES-17)

Our next-generation Ka-band geostationary (GEO) satellite, SES-17, enables you to reach any market in the Americas with reliable, scalable core network extension.

Mobile Backhaul mPOWERED

A carrier-grade, 5G-ready aggregation or tower backhaul connection, delivering uncontended bandwidth up to multiple gigabits per second per site.

What makes O3b mPOWER the only 5G-ready backhaul system?

Guaranteed throughput

Scalable to multiple gigabits per second per site.

Low-latency connectivity

One hop between any remote site or edge compute node to the mobile core or the cloud.

Carrier-grade reliability

Based on proven, market-validated MEO technology.



You have control to allocate bandwidth among remote sites, based on demand.

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Voices of O3b mPOWER

Empowering Network Extensions

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