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The Power of MEO

When it comes to high-performance connectivity, there are four non-negotiable factors that only MEO can deliver. O3b mPOWER supports high throughput per terminal, predictable low latency, high network availability and flexibility. It is a set of guarantees that LEO simply cannot support.

Since 2014, our O3b MEO satellite constellation has delivered low latency, high network availability and incredible throughput.  O3b mPOWER builds on its success with industry firsts for scale, flexibility, and performance.

Understanding what’s new on MEO with O3b mPOWER

O3b MEO O3b mPOWER Why you should care
20-satellite constellation Constellation of 13 next-generation, software-based satellites Fewer satellites means less network complexity, while software-defined satellites enable unprecedented flexibility.
10 mechanically steerable user beams per satellite Thousands of electrically generated possible beams Our services can grow anywhere, even where connections are constantly in motion.
2 gateway beams per satellite Any beam can be used as a gateway beam Any user terminal can upload huge amounts of data in the return path, perfect for industrial use and government surveillance.
Throughput scales from hundreds of Mbps to 1.5 Gbps Throughput scales from tens of Mbps to multiple Gbps Achieve previously impossible high throughput links with O3b mPOWER.
Start small and grow with us as your demand evolves.
9 fixed, SES-managed gateways 8 SES-managed gateways, plus customer-managed gateways in custom locations Whether for regulatory compliance or the privacy, security and enhanced control of placing a MEO gateway within your own premises, customer-owned gateways unlock more opportunities.
Few user terminals per industry Terminals available in many more sizes and form factors More terminal choices open up even more use cases and reduce engineering complexities.

Why MEO?


A satellite sweet spot

8,000 km above Earth, MEO is high enough to reach 96% of the globe and low enough to guarantee low latency and high throughput up to multiple gigabits of uncontended capacity.

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Tried and tested

Since 2014, SES has used MEO to connect countries, secure governments, and transform enterprises. O3b mPOWER is the next evolution.


Advanced technology

Advances in space, ground, and software technology mean Ob3 mPOWER delivers unprecedented flexibility, scale, and performance.

Why Orbit Matters

Orbit depends on your needs and budget: do you need a quick response time, a wide reach, and/or to optimize costs?

Why Orbit Matters Insight Paper

Download this insight paper and know more about the most suited orbital position for your needs.

Download the Insight Paper
(36,000 km)
(5,000-20,000 km)
(500-1200 km)
Altitude latency High Low Very Low
Earth Coverage Very Large Large Small
Satellites Required for Global Service Three Six Thousands
Data Gateways Few, fixed Regional, flexible locations Local, many in fixed locations
Satellite Handovers None Once per hour Every 10 minutes, may require gateways handover