Our Values

At SES, we are united by our purpose: to do the extraordinary in space, so that we can deliver amazing experiences everywhere on Earth.

To ensure we move toward our destination, we use a common point of orientation—our very own North Star. This SES sky marker guides our decisions and behaviours.

We are here to make a difference; our work is never done. We deeply believe that success for everyone touched by the SES brand starts with empowerment: empowered SES teams lead to empowered customers who can then better empower their end-users—one story at a time. This all serves to create a culture of universal empowerment with a focus on transparency, inclusivity and innovation both in our work and our relationships—inside SES and out.


Our culture values the importance of empowering our people to contribute openly to our purpose and ambition; to disrupt the status quo to become a better version of ourselves. We are inspired to be transparent, inclusive and innovative with a drive to enable our customers to take their stories with infinite possibilities anywhere around the globe.

Our way of working helps us maximise the exceptional impact we can have on the billions of people who are touched by the SES brand every day. We are here to make a difference; our work is never done.



Diversity and Inclusion

We live by the motto ‘in it together’—and we truly believe that. Our people should feel empowered to create a fair, innovative and inclusive working environment the moment they walk through the door, so we are ready to write the next chapter of our SES story together.

Our People

Our People

Everyone, no matter who or where they are, should have the freedom to take their story anywhere—that’s our goal. Check out a few of our personal stories.

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Environmental, Social and Governance

Making a difference to billions around the world means going about the task in a sustainable and socially responsible way. And from on-site waste management to global digital equality initiatives, we’re just getting started…