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A Diverse SES Sets Us Out for Success
At SES, one of our ambitions is to make this company a “great place to work”, and that includes integrating diversity and inclusion initiatives. We spoke to Anastasia Nazare – SES D&I Programme Coordinator to get a sense of how the company has made diversity and inclusivity an indispensable part of its business core and company culture.
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Black History Month (1)

Blog  | 20 Jul 2021

Transforming the Mining Sector with High Performance Connectivity

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Blog  | 13 Jul 2021

SES Leads Satellite-enabled 5G Tests

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ESG Blog

Blog  | 12 Jul 2021

Social Responsibility and Business Success Go Hand in Hand

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Blog  | 07 Jul 2021

SES-17: Innovating Satellite Connectivity

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Blog  | 01 Jul 2021

SES Team Spotlight: Transforming People's Lives Starts from the Satellite Design with Ishan Basyal

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C-band image

Blog  | 29 Jun 2021

SES Team Spotlight: Stanley Russo on Transitioning SES’s C-band Managed Services in the US

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Blog  | 21 Jun 2021

SES helps commercial maritime industry navigate their digitalisation journeys

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Blog  | 10 Jun 2021

Best of both worlds: Reaching millions in Germany through ASTRA and HD+

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Blog  | 26 May 2021

SES Team Spotlight: Connecting the Dots with Valva Moreno

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Diversity Management

Blog  | 21 May 2021

Why Diversity and Inclusion Matters to SES

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Blog  | 29 Apr 2021

SES Cloud Playout: A New World of Flexibility for Linear TV

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Blog  | 20 Apr 2021

Our Next-Gen Satellite System Aligns Perfectly with 5G

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