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The fastest internet speeds for private jet passengers and crew

Private jet customers pay for excellence, does your Wi-Fi deliver?

CEOs, government officials, celebrities...private jet passengers can’t and won’t put their business on hold due to poor inflight internet. Can your service support a crystal clear video call at 30,000ft or the rapid download of a large presentation?

LuxStream is a connectivity service that delivers outstanding inflight internet. It uses SES’s next-generation Ku-based satellite technology and its Skala Global Platform ground system to ensure unbroken connectivity across oceans and continents.

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Watch how, together with Collins Aerospace, we’re enabling business aviation passengers to access fast, reliable connectivity anywhere in flight.

Why Luxstream?

Highest industry speeds

Speeds of up to 25 Mbps over the continental US (and 15 Mbps elsewhere) support bandwidth-intensive services, including cloud-based enterprise applications and HD media streaming.

Uninterrupted global connectivity

Our dedicated business aviation network covers 99.63% of business jet flight time. The most innovative high-throughput-satellites in the market ensure continuous communication.

Tailored to your needs

Create customised packages and service plans for your business aviation clientele.

75% of business travellers report that Wi-Fi is vital to productivity
55% expected growth in the number of large business jets from 2019 to 2029
63% of flight time is spent working by business jet travellers

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