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Tickets, passport, Wi-Fi – continuous connectivity is the new travel essential

Inflight connectivity - a matter of reputation

Onboard internet has become a matter of reputation as passengers expect the same reliability and speed they enjoy on the ground. SES Open Orbits delivers this high standard of inflight connectivity for the growing number of travellers who need to be in flight and in touch.

Scalable, seamless, and speedy – aviation’s newest satellite network

SES Open Orbits is a network of global and regional Ka-band satellite operators created to deliver seamless inflight connectivity. Its open architecture and orbit-agnostic design mean it can grow using existing multi-orbit networks without the need to launch new satellites.


Guaranteed global coverage

Boasting 99% global coverage, SES Open Orbits intelligently steers traffic across one interoperable network.


A service that grows with your business

Need more capacity? No problem. Our open architecture allows us to add satellites to our network in step with industry demand.

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Onboard internet that doesn’t drop

From take-off to landing, you are covered by layers of redundancy from our advanced multi-orbit and multi-waveform network.


Cost-effective access to world-class technology

Minimal investment to access the world’s most efficient, highest capacity, high-throughput satellites, and ground equipment.


Extraordinary Everywhere

Connectivity in the Air

A new network delivered by experience and expertise

SES Open Orbits combines SES’s global satellite experience with the deep local knowledge of our regional satellite partners.

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Guaranteed Service Level Agreements

Delivering industry-beating throughput, latency, availability, and flexibility.


Experienced aero partner

Fostering innovation with Airbus HBC+, Boeing TSA and strong key regional partners.


Flexible service packages

SES Open Orbits delivers flexible service packages – all backed by robust service level agreements.

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