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Empowering Extraordinary Experiences at Sea

A cruise experience is as much about sharing the world as escaping from it

As the sun sets, passengers post memories of the day’s excursion and stream live content before dinner. Below deck, a crew member makes a video call to his daughter for a bedtime story, starting his shift happy that he’s said goodnight. Not one of their screens, and the thousands of others on board, suffer from delay, drop out or poor quality. It is the difference between a five-star and a four-star review.

As onboard connectivity becomes increasingly non-negotiable, SES Cruise mPOWERED solution brings you a superior standard for cruise connectivity, with industry-best bandwidth per ship and low-latency performance, fully managed end-to-end.

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Connected Cruises

Discover the new era of guest connectivity.

Elevate your customer experience

Cruise mPOWERED is enabled by O3b mPOWER—SES’s next-generation medium Earth orbit (MEO) communications system. In combination with SES’s GEO fleet, Cruise mPOWERED ensures seamless broadband globally. Enjoy unrivalled scalability and security, cloud-scale reach, flexibility, and resiliency, unlocking a new era in cruise connectivity.

Futureproof your business

Cruise mPOWERED is built on operationally proven, terabit-scale technology with the capacity to scale to meet your plans for guest experience, crew, and daily operations. Become the cruise line known for excellent connectivity with guaranteed data speeds, low latency, and secure satellite connectivity.

Reliable connection for passengers, crew, and operation

Enjoy the highest aggregate uptime on the market with dedicated ‘follow-the-ship’ beams from 100Mbps CIR to multiple gigabits per second of guaranteed bandwidth per ship. Never leave guests or systems without communications – Cruise mPOWERED delivers unrivalled throughput of multiple gigabits per second per link, supporting thousands of passengers per ship.

Connect anywhere on the globe

Experience global network coverage, with unprecedented flexibility and capacity allocation that can be tailored to individual vessel requirements. SES’s multi-orbit fleet delivers global unmatched capacity for key regions, including the Caribbean, Mediterranean, and Asia-Pacific markets.

Route traffic efficiently

Get dedicated scalable capacity to each ship as per your fleet’s changing needs. Moreover, you can automatically optimize your traffic with SES Adaptive Traffic Management technology, for traffic prioritisation, quality-of-service, and application performance.

Gain control of your traffic and maximize critical work

Route traffic anywhere, including to headquarters, an SES gateway, or a cloud data centre. Optimise critical workloads and applications via dedicated, private connectivity to top-tier cloud service providers, also with the ability to use the value of advanced technologies – including cloud, Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence.

Tailored service packages

Cruise mPOWERED is available in three service packages that allow you to tailor the right set of performance and networking features to your specific requirements. To learn more, download the Cruise mPOWERED Service Brief.

Drive efficiency with automatically optimised traffic

Your ships’ data requirements change depending on time and location. SES advanced Adaptive Traffic Management automatically optimises forward and return traffic depending on demand. It helps to deliver a single, optimised, secure path with the highest aggregate uptime and availability in the market.


During the day, passengers need bandwidth to share their memories, stream media and call home.


At night, demand switches to crew training, leisure, and health, as well as bulk data transfer to and from headquarters.

Power your smart ships with SES Cloud Direct

A flash of a wearable device unlocks the passenger’s cabin, alerting staff to ‘do not disturb’. It updates the AI algorithm that sends the cleaning crew on the most efficient route around empty rooms. In the engine room, IoT sensors collect energy consumption information for analysis by sophisticated machine learning systems.

New Product: SES Cruise mPOWERED + Starlink

SES has been developing a new product - the industry’s first end-to-end connectivity solution delivering the lowest combined latency on the market, as well as boundless geographical reach. The joint offering – SES Cruise mPOWERED + Starlink – seamlessly integrated and delivered by SES – will combine the best of both MEO and LEO orbits to provide high-speed and secure connectivity 24/7 to cruise ships, regardless of their route and location. A service plan without caps on data consumption guarantees low latency, high-speed and seamless experience.

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