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From oil platform to cloud platform - network services for digitalisation

Superior connectivity to any offshore site

Technology is transforming offshore energy operations and maximising profitability by driving automation, agility, and strategic decision-making. Our satellite systems provide guaranteed throughput to transfer critical data from offshore oil fields and vessels to operational centres and cloud platforms.


Remagine operational efficiency

Does your offshore connectivity provider offer these four things?

Our new satellite constellation O3b mPOWER brings you:


Guaranteed performance

O3b mPOWER gives vital offshore operations a committed information rate for guaranteed, low-latency connectivity, one hop away to any destination.


Control of your bandwidth and costs

Your sites might not be active at all times, so we let you assign bandwidth as demand requires, putting an end to wasted capacity.


Scalability to future-proof your digital journey

O3b mPOWER builds on a system that has supported the energy sector for the past decade. It brings the scale and bandwidth to future-proof your growing IT & OT.


Roadblock-free routing

Route traffic with unmatched efficiency to your main operational centres, whether it’s your company headquarters, another offshore site, or a cloud location.

Solution Brief

Learn more about O3b MEO and its coverage to regions with the highest volumes of proven deepwater reserves, as well as how together we can provide high-performance, cost-effective data services to your most remote oilfields.

Download the Solution Brief

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