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Redefining Satellite Services - Connectivity is Power

With the first successful launch in December 2022, our next-generation MEO satellite constellation O3b mPOWER redefines global connectivity.

For the first time, service providers, government agencies, and enterprises can extend their networks seamlessly with future-proof scale and ironclad performance.

Since 2014, our O3b MEO constellation has proven the power of the Medium Earth Orbit (MEO); O3b mPOWER will take it to the next level, forging a new era of satellite services no other system can deliver.

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Reimagine satellite networks

Connectivity advantage equals competitive advantage

Meet O3b mPOWER customers

O3b mPOWER Launch

O3b mPOWER Launch

Princess Cruises

Dramatically accelerating the rate at which data, voice and video are streamed across oceans.

Vodafone Cook Islands

Revolutionising the way people, communities and businesses connect and communicate across the Cook Islands.


Delivering critical, high-throughput, low latency, enterprise-grade services for maritime, energy and government segments.

O3b mPOWER won’t just improve industries, it will transform them

what makes O3b mPOWER different and better

What makes O3b mPOWER unique

Predictable Low Latency

Our intentional balance of global coverage and orbital distance enable the most reliable non-geostationary orbit (NGSO) system, optimized to reduce jitter and packet loss.

Unprecedented flexibility

O3b mPOWER drives efficiency in your network and helps reduce costs to your business. Port bandwidth between sites when and where it’s needed, and re-balance forward and return speeds in lock-step with your user demands.

Industry leading scale

O3b mPOWER scales up to multiple gigabits per second per terminal, and can even scale the return path to match or even exceed the forward path, a first in satellite communications. Keep up with the global rise in demand for upload speed.

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What would you do with unlimited scale and performance, anywhere in the world?

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