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A new era of scale, performance and flexibility for satellite communications

The technology that’s redefining satellite services

O3b mPOWER rewrites the rules of satellite technology with unprecedented performance, scale and flexibility. Designed to support the rocketing data needs of businesses and organisations, it unleashes connectivity to areas without terrestrial cover and provides failsafe backup for existing networks.

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Reimagine satellite networks

Unrivalled scale & performance

A terabit-level system enabling uncontended high-performance services that scale to multiple gigabits per second per connection virtually anywhere on the globe.

Unprecedented Flexibility

No more wasted capacity: flex bandwidth between sites when and where it is needed and direct traffic via the most efficient route.

Proven Technology

Building on the industry’s only commercially proven non-geostationary satellite orbit (NGSO) constellation, O3b mPOWER is designed for the next generation of network services.

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What would you do with unlimited scale and performance, anywhere in the world?

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