Cloud-grade network services, in any location

Fully leverage the power of the cloud, from anywhere

Cloud is accelerating digital transformations for enterprises of all sizes, providing access to the tools needed to improve efficiency and profitability while enhancing worker safety and customer satisfaction. SES’s satellite-enabled cloud connectivity services ensure that the power of the cloud can be extended to every location.


Accelerating Digital Transformation

SES Cloud Direct

Our managed network service delivers private connectivity from SES gateways to the world’s top-tier cloud services providers, creating an end-to-end dedicated connection from any remote site to the cloud.

Performance and security for critical workloads

Dedicated connectivity to the cloud means a consistent network experience for cloud workloads while affording more control over how data is routed and ensuring the protection of sensitive information.

Cloud-grade SLAs

SES Cloud Direct is underpinned by the industry’s only multi-orbit satellite fleet. Our O3b MEO and O3b mPOWER networks deliver the throughput and latency required to support mission-critical cloud workloads with specific performance requirements, while our GEO satellites ensure global reach. Both networks are backed by robust service level agreements that cover availability, throughput and latency from cloud data centres to any customer end point.

One-hop connectivity to the cloud

Our next-generation O3b mPOWER system co-locates gateways with major cloud service providers’ data centres, further reducing end-to-end latency and simplifying the routing of end user traffic to the cloud. O3b mPOWER features the flexible, high-speed return paths needed to support variable cloud workloads, as well as broad geographic reach to ensure resilient access to cloud resources.

Download the service brief to learn more about SES Cloud Direct, including:

  • When to deploy a dedicated cloud-connect service rather than leverage the public internet
  • How major industries are capitalizing on dedicated cloud connectivity to achieve their digitalisation goals
  • How SES is working with major cloud partners to bring optimised cloud access to every location
Download the service brief

The path to O3b mPOWER

O3b mPOWER - 5G and Cloud

Our Cloud Partners

We are partnering with the industry’s largest cloud service providers, using our global network of satellite gateways— interconnected via the SES worldwide terrestrial IP backbone—to connect end users to their cloud data centres via SES Cloud Direct.


SES and Microsoft

Delivering Azure cloud services, anywhere



A consistent network experience -- to any endpoint

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