Executive Team

SES is managed by our Executive Team under the guidance of CEO, Steve Collar.

Steve Collar 2021
Steve Collar
John-Paul Hemingway 2021
John-Paul Hemingway
Chief Strategy Officer
Sandeep Jalan 2021
Sandeep Jalan
Chief Financial Officer
Ruy Pinto 2021
Ruy Pinto
Chief Technology Officer
Christophe De Hauwer 2021
Christophe De Hauwer
Chief Development Officer
Pan Macdonald
Pan Macdonald
Chief People and Culture Officer
Thai Rubin 2021
Thai Rubin
Chief Legal Officer
Elias Zaccack
Elias Zaccack
Global Head of Mobility
Norbert Holzle
Norbert Hölzle
Global Head of Media
David Fields
David Fields
Global Head of Space & Defense
Brendan O'Callaghan
Brendan O'Callaghan
SES Global Head of Enterprise & Cloud