Close-Up with Cruise Video Series

After the global pandemic brought unprecedented disruption to the world of cruise, the industry is now roaring back to life. Join the SES Cruise team to find out what we have up our sleeves when it comes to enabling a new era of guest connectivity experiences.


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Close-up with Cruise

The Cruise Industry Today

The Cruise industry is roaring back to life after a challenging period during the global pandemic. In this video we explore how the industry has changed - from infrastructure and services to end-user expectation and demand.

Innovation in the Cruise Industry

The need for innovation is a constant in the world of Cruise. At SES innovation means developing and having the best product in the market that's adaptive over time. Find out what new technologies we are adding into our current cruise solution, which we call Cruise mPOWERED, to make it the best possible solution in the market.

The Future of Cruise

In this video we look to the future including a deep dive into our Cruise mPOWERED solution, our Cloud based partnerships and what is all means for our customers and their need to deliver the best end-user experience across oceans.

SES Cruise R&D Lab

SES has heavily invested in the Cruise segment in recent years - including the build of a dedicated R&D Lab in Port St. Lucie, Florida - where customers and partners can come and test new services and equipment before installation and set up on the cruise ships. Click through and take a virtual tour of this new facility!

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