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Fixed Enterprise

Flexible, secure connectivity for land-based operations, camps, and bases

Performance at the tactical edge

Whatever your coordinates, mission success relies on reliable connectivity. Can your network support telemedicine in a desert or the data-intensive demands of cloud applications?

Our satellite communications system, O3b mPOWER, delivers this with unprecedented performance, scale, and sovereign control.


Enabling digital transformation

Burkina Faso deploys high-performance ICT infrastructure via low latency O3b MEO satellites.

Sovereign Fixed Enterprise mPOWERED

Unmatched connectivity to forward-operating bases, camps, humanitarian missions, and remote government operations.



Uncontended, high-throughput, low-latency connectivity, with total bandwidth up to 1.8Gbps from a single terminal.


Government control

Manage your bandwidth, land traffic at sovereign gateways, and define private network topologies. All with the waveform and hardware of your choice.



Add resilience to deployed networks with transportable ground terminals to enable rapid network creation or reconstitution. Supports standard military encryption solutions including HAIPE devices.

Government Sovereign Solutions

Design, expand and control your network

Government Sovereign Solutions

Why work with us

Create a secure network

CapEx efficient

Designed to interface with your existing infrastructure to minimise CapEx and maximise continuity for your personnel.

Get cloud ready

Global secure network

SES’s global fleet of over 70 MEO and GEO satellites can establish a secure command centre anywhere in the world.

Connecting the edge

Connecting at the edge

Our partnerships with top-tier cloud providers enable you to process and analyse mission data directly at the edge.

Download our Executive Guide: "Government Connectivity"

  • Learn how O3b mPOWER’s low-latency, high-throughput connectivity can enable Cloud optimised applications for Government networks
  • Discover how O3b mPOWER’s resilient architecture has the flexibility to scale with your connectivity needs on land, at sea and in the air
Download the Executive Guide

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