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With only 2% of the world’s doctors and 0.7 surgical specialists per 100,000 people, Africa faces healthcare challenges. Mercy Ships, a global non-governmental organisation (NGO), is dedicated to tackling this issue head-on. Its newest purpose-built hospital ship, the Global Mercy, recently started operations along the Western African coast to support the ongoing efforts of the Africa Mercy, a ship already engaged in vital work in the content. SES, already providing reliable internet connectivity for the Africa Mercy, continues its partnership with Mercy Ships to support remote healthcare both at sea and in port—now extending our services to the new vessel, Global Mercy.

SES provides our Cruise connectivity solution, reinforcing our joint commitment to leveraging technology for societal good. Gregory Martin, VP of Product Management, Maritime at SES, notes, “Mercy Ships serves as a lifeline to economically disadvantaged regions, where the majority of patients earn less than USD $2 per day.”

Mercy Ships teamed up with SES as its exclusive connectivity provider to ensure reliable Internet connection onboard the Global Mercy. Our connectivity solution uses advanced Ku-band high-throughput widebeam satellites and C-band widebeam satellites, ensuring stable global connectivity with robust service level agreements. This solution meets Mercy Ships’ unique humanitarian needs, enhancing telemedicine during port stays and improving quality of life for over 640 onboard crew, volunteers, and medical staff.

With SES, the Global Mercy now enables remote diagnostics and live HD training sessions, amplifying the impact of Mercy Ships’ vital healthcare services in remote regions.

Our partnership with Mercy Ships goes beyond providing connectivity for the Global Mercy. We also advised on equipment selection and boosted data capacity tenfold through monthly bandwidth allocation. Dave Shwadlenak, VP of Information Services at Mercy Ships, says that "thanks to SES, Mercy Ships has been able to expand the life-transforming surgeries and medical care that we can provide, making a difference in hundreds of lives every week."

Even amid the challenges brought about by the pandemic, SES and Mercy Ships have collaborated seamlessly, underscoring our shared commitment to social responsibility and purpose. This collaboration is a testament to our dedication to transforming lives and exemplifies the extraordinary synergy achieved when shared values and unwavering dedication converge to make a lasting impact on the world.

Mercy Ships, with an ambitious schedule, is set to provide field services in Senegal and The Gambia between February and June of 2023, followed by Sierra Leone in August, with future plans for Ghana, Madagascar, Guinea, and more.

In 2022, the Africa Mercy alone served 2,400 individuals, trained 1,400 professionals, and assisted 8,000 dental patients. The Global Mercy’s goal is to reach 5,800 surgeries, train 3,400 professionals, and aid 18,000 dental patients annually. This collaboration promises a future where technology and compassionate healthcare make a tangible difference in countless lives. Simon Maher, VP of Sales, Cruise and Maritime at SES Networks, states, “We are proud to be working with Mercy Ships here as it leverages advanced satellite technology to fulfill its mission of delivering healthcare services to communities in developing countries.”

“The quality of service that SES provides to our ships has allowed us to put our full faith, trust, and confidence in them and the services that they provide to us, so that we can continue to increase our operations, and provide better surgeries and outcomes for our patients and their families.”


Johnathan Dyson, Director of IT Strategy & Governance at Mercy Ships

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