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Audience Measurement and Ad Insertion

Personalise your offer to grow subscriptions and advertising

Things just got personal

Personalisation touches every area of consumer life, from our morning coffee order to the ads we see on social media. Expectations for television are no different: we want shows that interest us and adverts that reflect who we are. If a television service isn’t providing that, it is an easy switch to a service that ‘gets us’.

This is why gathering customer data through measurement is critical for TV platform operators.

Measuring up

TV platform operators can collect more information on household viewing patterns than ever (subject to local data laws). Data points include live audience reach, when channels are on or off, exact viewing times, regional audience splits, and more. When combined with satellite TV’s superlative reach, these data points create powerful models to guide programming and ad scheduling.

Audience numbers at given points in time

Average daily viewers

Month-to-date average viewers

Average number of viewers per time slot, e.g. Primetime

Live data about programmes and ad breaks as they play

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