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Seamless connectivity at sea

When ‘best-effort’ isn’t good enough

From increasing safety, protecting the environment, and responding rapidly to geopolitical developments, reliable internet is no longer a luxury, but a critical system for every ocean fleet.

SES Commercial Maritime is built from the water up with CIR (Committed Information Rates), backed up by Service Level Agreements, and our 24/7 on-call network operations team is standing by to help you when you need it.

No resource is infinite, but with our bandwidth pool-based services it can feel that way. We allow you to allocate resources to your vessels as you see fit - giving you the control to manage contention in a way that makes sense for your business.

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Connectivity at Sea

Keep your crew onboard

For seafarers away from home for months, an internet connection is a literal lifeline. It is saying goodnight to partner, a video of your child saying they miss you, a chance to live a little of life back home.

Reliable, high-performing internet is now a key requirement for both recruiting and retaining staff, and boosting the wellbeing of those spending months away from their homes and families.


Make Maritime Digitalisation a Reality

Enabling the connected vessel

Technical Specifications


Committed Information Rate (CIR)

Size your service to fit your needs. CIR from 64Kbp/s up to 12Mb/s*


Reach speeds of up-to 30Mbp/s

Maximum Information Rate up to 25Mbp/s down (FWD) and 5Mbp/s up (RTN) in a dedicated bandwidth pool*


Global bandwidth pools

Manage bandwidth, contention, and terminal speeds to suit your needs

Technical Specifications


Secure & cloud-ready

Cloud access with SES Cloud Direct + internet IP transit and peering, colocation, SES PoP handoff, On-net and Off-Net extension to customer site



Supports a wide range of marine stabilised antennas from 65cm to 2.4m



Built with iDirect Velocity. Use the modems you already have with a wide range of functionality and pricing

*Regional, equipment and other restrictions apply

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