Why SES?

A new chapter at SES

When it comes to your career, you are the author of your own story.

At SES, we believe you should have the freedom to take your story in any direction you want it to go – unlimited by geography, technology or even gravity.

We are leaders in global content connectivity solutions. Leveraging an extensive and intelligent network of satellites and terrestrial infrastructure, we design, deliver and manage comprehensive video and data solutions which help our customers connect more people in more places with the world’s most valuable content.

We enable broadcasters to reach more viewers on any screen; mobile network operators to expand into uncharted markets; peacekeepers to share real-time intelligence; passengers to work and play online; and communities in even the most remote places on Earth to access entertainment, knowledge, and opportunity.

We do the extraordinary in space, to deliver amazing experiences everywhere on Earth. Because when the world is empowered with high-quality content and connectivity, billions of stories suddenly have infinite possibilities.

So where do you want your story to go?

Diversity & Inclusion

As a company dedicated to more people with more content across the globe, we believe our story should reflect those of the millions we serve. We are committed to increasing the number of employees from underrepresented groups and nurturing an inclusive company culture to create a fair, innovative and supporting working environment where people can flourish – empowering all SESers to write their stories and to contribute to the collective success of a truly global team.

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Get ready to take it anywhere you choose. With SES.

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