Close-Up Series

Dive deeper into topics ranging from changes in the satellite industry, investments and infrastructure and how together with our customers and partners we provide world-class content and connectivity solutions across video, enterprise, mobility and government segments.

Close-Up with Sports

The Sports industry has changed by leaps and bounds, from the rise of niche sports to ever-changing demand from viewers who want their content when and where they please. So how do you keep up? Join the SES team to find out.

Close-Up with Cruise

After the global pandemic brought unprecedented disruption to the world of cruise, the industry is now roaring back to life. Find out what we have up our sleeves when it comes to enabling a new era of guest connectivity experiences.

Close-Up with Microsoft

Access this exclusive video series featuring Microsoft Azure to find out how our teams are working together closely to build a cloud ecosystem that’s optimised to support numerous industries throughout their digital transformation journey.

Close-Up with HD+

In a world of limitless viewing options, how do you stay relevant? Join us as we speak to the HD+ team about the ever-changing world of video consumption and distribution.

Close-Up with SES

This time we join SES to find out how they are positioning themselves to be the strongest partner in the industry for their customers as they strive to become the "network of networks".

Close-Up with DEA Aviation Ltd.

Welcome to your one-on-one with the DEA Aviation Ltd. team as they discuss the world of airborne ISR (intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance), its challenges and opportunities and the role of satellite connectivity now and in the future.