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Any location, any bandwidth, any time – satellite services redefined

Expand your network without limits

Beyond your network, there are unconnected communities – schools, hospitals, businesses, even small island nations – excluded from the online world. In an industry first, our multi-orbit satellite fleet provides a viable way for you to bridge their digital divide.

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Extraordinary Everywhere - Connecting the Unconnected


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Flexible bandwidth allocation

Mbps or multi-gigabit, city centre or remote outpost, our multi-orbit fleet matches the right technology to your needs. It puts you in control of capacity, with the freedom to allocate bandwidth and route traffic as and where you need it.

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Carrier grade

Uncontended network services are rapidly scalable from hundreds of Mbps to multiple Gpbs. This provides the reliability and performance to meet your customer needs.

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Our most advanced satellite system, O3b mPOWER, has the capacity to enable easy migration to 4G, 5G, and beyond. Bring your customers the power of advanced mobile services, enterprise technology and cloud applications.


Telco Solutions

Companies like Tusass in Greenland are exploring satellite connectivity solutions


Voices of O3b mPOWER

Empowering Network Extensions

Checklist: is your satellite service provider really carrier-grade?


Does it guarantee low latency, high availability, and uncontended multi-gig services?

Our most advanced satellite fleet, O3b mPOWER, offers uncontented network services, rapidly scalable from hundreds of Mbps to multiple Gbps.


Is it cloud optimised?

O3b mPOWER provides the scale you need to maximise cloud and edge application performance anywhere you operate.


Does it use proven technology?

O3b mPOWER is the only non-geostationary system built on telco-deployed, operationally proven technology.


Does it put you in control of bandwidth?

O3b mPOWER puts an end to rigid bandwidth allocation. Welcome to a new era where bandwidth is movable on-demand.

The unconnected world

62% of homes in rural areas don’t have access to the internet – ITU
53% of households in developing nations are without internet – UNESCO
4bn people around the world don’t have access to mobile internet – GSMA

Transforming connectivity for ...

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Mobile Backhaul

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Taking a nation forward

Enriching the lives of people across the Cook Islands through excellent communications.