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Redefining performance, resilience, and control for mission success

Is your connectivity holding you back?

From missions to maintenance, data-intensive shipboard technology gives your navy the edge. But without reliable connectivity, the advantage is lost.

O3b mPOWER, our most-advanced satellite constellation, delivers unmatched throughput, low latency, and scale, to reliably support modern naval communications.

Government Sovereign Solutions

Design, expand and control your network

Government Sovereign Solutions

Sovereign Naval mPOWERED service



Extend mobility across your fleet, with location obfuscation and MEO anti-jam and resiliency features.


Government Control

Manage your bandwidth, land traffic at sovereign gateways, and define private network topologies. All with the waveform and hardware of your choice.



Uncontended, high-throughput, low-latency connectivity, with flexible forward and return links. Unprecedented capacity for when you’re ready to scale.

Naval (GEO) service

Wide geographical coverage to support ships of all sizes on missions including military, border patrol, and environmental campaigns. Efficient for fleets with low to medium bandwidth requirements.

Download our Executive Guide: "Government Connectivity"

  • Learn how O3b mPOWER’s low-latency, high-throughput connectivity can enable Cloud optimised applications for Government networks
  • Discover how O3b mPOWER’s resilient architecture has the flexibility to scale with your connectivity needs on land, at sea and in the air
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Blog  | 25 Apr 2023

Newsflash: Airbus and SES demo high-speed connectivity for French Navy using O3b satellites

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Blog  | 05 Jul 2022

Team Spotlight: New Cutting-Edge Antennas Unleash Access to O3b mPOWER

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Press Release  | 17 Mar 2022

SES Government Solutions Connects U.S. Naval Forces Central Command During International Maritime Exercise

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