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Climate Action

Although our business activities have a relatively low environmental impact, the space sector is anything but immune from the global climate crisis. At SES, we understand the gravity of our responsibility both as an international corporate entity and citizens of the world. Every company has a responsibility to our planet by making commitments to reduce emissions.

SES is certainly not exempt from doing our part to fight the climate crisis, and we bear full responsibility for reducing Green House Gas emissions across our operations and supply chain. SES knows that satellite connectivity is a powerful tool for customers to deliver critical services on earth. We think there is great opportunity to innovate and provide solutions to help our customers solve their climate and environmental challenges and collaborate to provide solutions for climate action. Starting in 2022, we will be examining ways that we can leverage our technology in this way.

Our targets

By no later than 2050, SES will reach NetZero emissions

SES will continue to develop targets aligned with the SBTi for submission and validation by no later than 2024

Integrate findings of the lifecycle assessments in our climate action roadmap to define areas for additional partnership and reduction plans to reduce our negative impact on the planet