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Measuring audience reach

Changes in viewing habits have increased television industry competition and the stakes are getting high.

Since 1994, Satellite Monitor has measured household reach and how viewers worldwide consume content.

Which regions need more HD or Ultra HD content? Is OTT really impacting free-to-air take up? Which African countries are embracing satellite TV? Where are the most lucrative new markets? Base your next decision on data.

Satellite Monitor's added value

More than 1 billion people receive their video content via our satellites, allowing us to gather a wealth of information about how viewers are consuming content today.


Enter new markets with confidence.


Adapt to serve market changes.


Gain key insights for your target markets.


An industry benchmark

Satellite Monitor has become a respected benchmark for the entire industry, media authorities and governments. For each geography and region, we collect data relating to:

The development of TV reception modes
Satellite reach in both pay and free-to-air markets
Potential audience sizes
The number of Ultra HD ready homes in a region
Market readiness for new formats

Your dedicated research team

SES has a specialist research team, dedicated to giving you expert insights into the TV markets covered by our satellites.

As well as a full array of market research reports, it also heads out on a roadshow every year to meet customers one-on-one and share its latest findings.

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