Close-Up with HD+ Video Series

In a world of limitless viewing options, how do you stay relevant? Join us as we speak to the HD+ team and special guest, Chief Distribution Officer from Sport1, about the ever-changing world of video consumption and distribution.

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Close-up with HD+

The HD+ Story

Why and how did HD+ come to fruition? What problem did it solve for broadcasters in the German market back in 2009? Join Norbert Hölzle, Managing Director at HD+, to find out more.

Meeting End User Demand

End user demand is forever changing. We want access to our video content wherever we are and on any device. Watch this video to find out how HD+ is working with their customers and partners to make this end user wish come true.

Power of Partnerships

HD+ is focused on solving the customer problem and ensuring end user demand is met. Join Andreas Gerhardt, Chief Distribution Officer at Sport1, who has been a customer of HD+ since day one.

Looking to the Future

What is next for HD+? What challenges and opportunities lie ahead? And can we replicate HD+ internationally? Join Norbert Hölzle as we look to the future of HD+.

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