Vendor Information

Dear Valued Partner,

Since 2019, SES has engaged in a broad transformation and digitization of its procurement in order to optimize the collaboration with our vendors. The deployment of the SAP Ariba platform was a very important part of this exercise, as it aims at strengthening our partnership and developing mutually beneficial environment for us to do business.

The SAP Ariba Network supplier portal will give you the opportunity to:

  • Create your vendor profile
  • Download and acknowledge SES Purchase Orders (POs)
  • Invoice our POs electronically
  • Amend and update your company details in our system via the Registration questionnaire
  • Provide us with your additional contact information which will facilitate correspondence between us
  • Classify your company by identifying the categories in which we can do business with you.

If you are a newly created vendor in our purchasing system, we kindly request that you access SAP Ariba Network vendor portal. We aimed at making it easy-to-use & facilitate your registration via the completion of the Supplier questionnaire.

If you already are a SES vendor, please be informed that SES is taking it a step further and moving our vendor data to SAP Ariba SLP (Supplier Lifecycle Performance), which will replace our Vendor Management System (VMS) when it comes to supplier first-time registration, PO delivery, acknowledgment, acceptance, etc.

What are the benefits for you?

  • You will own your information, and you will be able to update details at any time to ensure quick processing of invoices, etc.
  • Improved information security, increased automation and reduced manual intervention, lowering the overall risk to SES

With this Ariba module now implemented, we have started moving our vendors in waves to the new platform as of June 2020.

Once your relationship with SES is ready to be moved to ARIBA SLP as part of one of these waves, you will receive a notification e-mail from SES informing you about the changes and timeline, followed by a link to access the portal. You will also receive a detailed registration manual with all available contact details for support that you can find here.

The digitization of our procurement processes and use of electronic POs and invoices will become a requirement for all vendors working with SES. Therefore, we count on your full cooperation in this transformation.

You can find useful short videos below on this page on how to register on to Ariba Network and process the PO, create order confirmations and invoices. For more details you can also access the Ariba Network Supplier Training, a training course available in a few languages, that is designed by SAP Ariba to assist Standard and Enterprise Suppliers in using their Ariba Network Account.

There are two types of Ariba Network accounts – enterprise and standard – you can find a summary of the functionalities for both type of accounts here: . Enterprise accounts are subject to fees as they provide additional functionalities. Standard accounts do not pay fees regardless of number and/or value of transactions. Please contact us at vendor.m[email protected] if you have questions or need assistance in upgrading or downgrading your Ariba Network account and also if you have any SES business-related questions.

For technical questions, or other non-business-related questions, you can use the following FORM to contact Ariba Support (if you have an Ariba Enterprise user account).

New content will be posted on this page regularly as it is the place where all relevant information about collaboration between SES and our vendors will be stored.

The Vendor Management & Procurement team

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Order Confirmation SES Light Account

Order Confirmation Full Account

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