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Satellite services that underpin your future

Government – guarantee connectivity for high-stakes situations

With O3b mPOWER, location, movement and mission size are no longer barriers to reliable connectivity. For the first time, governments can unleash the full power of data across land, sea and air.

Our managed government services use SES-owned secure gateways to uplink your data to the O3b mPOWER network. Meanwhile, governments using our sovereign services can use their own gateways, hardware and waveforms.

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Sovereign Aero-ISR mPOWERED

Collect data from your full suite of Aero-ISR sensors to secure borders and protect troops. Aero-ISR mPOWERED provides unmatched return throughput to dethrottle your mission.

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Managed & Sovereign Naval mPOWERED

Mission data, navigation, weather reports, voice, and video… our Naval mPOWERED services provide the scale to meet your connectivity requirements on the water.

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Managed & Sovereign Fixed Enterprise mPOWERED

Connectivity will no longer risk mission success. Fixed Enterprise mPOWERED provides Multi-gigabit scale for long-term installations in remote or foreign territory, such as forward operating bases, camps, and overseas bases.

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Sovereign Comms-on-the-Move (COTM) mPOWERED dramatically increases the amount of throughput available to small form factor vehicle-mounted antennas, even while in motion. Only O3b mPOWER can provide the high throughput return (upload) links required to send HD video, voice comms, video calls, and any form of collected data from the field.

Telco & MNO – build your reputation on reliability

With O3b mPOWER, Telcos & MNOs can redefine what connection means to remote communities and enterprises with the digital capabilities of 5G and the cloud. This can only be delivered with reliable high-throughput backhaul and the flexibility to scale the forward and return path.

Telcos & MNOs: remote 5G and cloud access



Low latency communications at a multi-gigabit scale can serve entire nations and islands,or simply provide a high performance private link between any two locations, for example, as fibre optic back-up.

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Mobile Backhaul mPOWERED

Satellite’s only 5G-ready solution, providing MEF compliant, multi-gigabit scale connectivity anywhere, including rural locations, open highways, and populated zones with ageing terrestrial backbones.


Enterprise mPOWERED

VSAT is not enough for remote enterprises growing cloud-scale demands. Enterprise mPOWERED supports any business application with unmatched throughput at low latency.

Energy – remove obstacles to digital transformation

Satellite performance underpins any successful digital transformation involving remote sites. O3b mPOWER has the performance levels you need for increased efficiency, safety, and profitability. Meanwhile, our ironclad SLAs give you the green light to commit to cloud technology, giving you a competitive edge.


Onshore Energy and Mining mPOWERED

Onshore Energy and Mining mPOWERED provides high throughput and enterprise cloud solutions to the remotest terrains.

offshore energy

Offshore Energy mPOWERED

Enables the transfer, storage, and analysis of terabytes of data per day. Offshore Energy mPOWERED scales to multiple Gbps to make this possible.

Cruise - free your passengers from the refresh button

Your passengers expect home comforts and connections at sea. Do not ruin their relaxing day with slow download speeds or glitchy video calls. Onboard technology supported by O3b mPOWER will streamline the passenger experience, and reliable internet lets crew and holidaymakers share their adventures with home.