Close-Up with DEA Aviation Video Series

Welcome to your one-on-one with the DEA Aviation Ltd. team as they discuss the world of airborne ISR, its challenges and opportunities and the role of satellite connectivity now and in the future.

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Close-up with DEA

Close-up with DEA

Meet Dicky Patounas, Director of Business Development and John Sullivan, Director of Operations at DEA Aviation Ltd. Find out how they entered the world of aviation, their background in the RAF and what their vision is for DEA Aviation Ltd.

An introduction to DEA Aviation Ltd.

In this episode we take a look at DEA Aviation Ltd. We find out who their customers are, what daily challenges they face and how they are anticipating the future needs of their customers.

The world of ISR

The team behind DEA delve into the world of ISR. How has it changed? What are the challenges and opportunities in present day ISR and looking to the future? Find out more on this episode of Close-Up with DEA Aviation Ltd.

A deeper look at DEA

On this episode Dicky Patounas and John Sullivan sit side-by-side as they discuss a "day in the life" at DEA Aviation Ltd.

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