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Enhance your traditional OU ecosystem service for Advanced News Gathering

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OU Flex provides high-quality IP connectivity to manage your entire video and data content contributions, with guaranteed quality of service in any conditions. Its bi-directional links, provide maximum flexibility, and with only minimal infrastructure investment – equipping your SNG vehicle with an OU Flex modem.

Service packages tailored for media communication services, social media & file transfer services, and IP video streaming enable you to instantly share your live video on social media, stream live video from a sporting event, or establish a broadband connection to your corporate network for file transfer or Studio Intercom. At the same time, you can save time and costs using centralised production – and re-invest in more profitable areas of your business, to further differentiate your live stream offer.

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Services Overview

Media communication service packages provide:

  • Dedicated capacity for two bi-directional VoIP channels that provide intercom connectivity without the need to book temporary landlines
  • Broadband capacity that can be used to create a mobile WiFi hotspot for remote crews
  • With WiFi and broadband connectivity provided, support the use of a camera backpack system, with the reliability of satellite connectivity in the background

Social media and file transfer service packages provide:

  • High upload rates so you can feed content into social media platforms or exchange large files between locations
  • Content delivery in IP format enables direct contribution to Content Delivery Networks (CDNs)

Video IP streaming packages provide:

  • Dedicated capacity for high-quality video streaming in IP
  • Higher upload rates beyond what is currently available in the market
  • Professional broadcast standard service reliability, and secure contribution networks
  • Inherent redundancy, with the ability to operate a modem at the main studio to receive your content directly from the satellite, enhancing the existing terrestrial connectivity


With OU Flex, you’ll benefit from:

  • Guaranteed quality of service tailored to your specific needs
  • Maximum flexibility in service format and throughput
  • Low infrastructure investment and operating costs
  • Enhancing the use of your existing Ku-band antenna system
  • Scalability beyond solutions currently available
  • Online booking for connectivity anywhere
  • Global 24/7 customer support

Coverage Example

Coverage map
Example of coverage for a SNG truck with a 1.5m antenna, where we can provide
a service with up to 30Mbit/s upstream and 100Mbit/s downstream. (Click to Expand)

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