Mediahaus and Wildvision

Beyond Broadcast

Together with MediaHaus and WildVision, we’re bringing snow volleyball to viewers around the world.



This is volleyball like you’ve never seen before. The snow volleyball tournament, hosted by the European Volleyball Confederation, is perched high in the Austrian Alps. The set-up is just like beach volleyball, with one big difference – the court is covered in snow. After making its demonstration debut at the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, the sport has gained interest from viewers in Lithuania, Russia, the Ukraine, Cyprus, Austria and Asia. How can broadcasters share the event with viewers across the globe from an area far beyond the reach of terrestrial internet?
OU Flex set up for the Snow Volleyball tournament in the Austrian AlpsOU Flex set up for the Snow Volleyball tournament in the Austrian Alps
Production house MediaHaus collaborated with satellite news gathering (SNG) provider WildVision and SES to share a live transmission of the action from the centre courts with viewers across the globe. Working in cold temperatures, a harsh environment and with limited infrastructure, the set-up required live editing on location, and the ability to share the broadcast with people watching from a variety of devices. The mobile infrastructure was insufficient to stream video in high quality, and the companies needed a reliable way to transmit the content, while providing local IP connectivity to the press.
OU Flex set up for the Snow Volleyball tournament in the Austrian Alps
Our new OU Flex solution was designed to meet these exact needs. It enhances the classical SNG set-up of DVB digital video broadcasting with the addition of a simple modem that provides the ability to send transmission in all IP formats. This is the next generation of content production, where content providers can share their content to a variety of networks, including professional CDN networks, social media, and archives back at the broadcaster’s headquarters.

“Satellite is the only infrastructure that enables content providers to cover events from any place in the world - no matter what the conditions. The addition of IP-based modem to our SNG set-up lets us transmit content into our networks and feed taker points.”
Wolfgang Angermuller, CEO at Mediahaus