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Delivering your content to online audiences is a complex process. As multi-device and multi-screen viewing becomes commonplace, staying up to date with video formats and standards needed for each screen and device - while also adjusting to new encryption, encoding, and metadata norms– is both challenging and time consuming.

More about Online Video Platforms

At SES, we help you handle the complexities of delivering your video content to online audiences - on any device and any screen, with engaging features.

Our online video platform:

  • streamlines the process of taking your content online to reach more viewers - from how your video is packaged to how your audience finally experiences it
  • creates personalised video experiences with an end-to-end online video platform solution that allows users to share TV viewing experiences in real-time with their family and friends even at distance
  • includes both front-end interfaces and back-end support, ensuring your app or website is optimised to provide an enhanced user experience
  • has a high-performance CDN that ensures broadcast-quality streaming experiences, while channel playout services help manage and deliver localised linear TV channels to viewers across the globe. With the added benefit of data and analytics tools, you can fine-tune your offering to ensure your video recommendations resonate with viewers
  • enables broadcasters and content owners can leverage an existing content library for added monetisation opportunities – by adapting it for online linear channels or an on-demand service.
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