Fostering Global Climate Innovation Together with ClimateForce

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In an era where environmental conservation and technological innovation intersect, SES is at the forefront of transformative initiatives through its strategic partnership with ClimateForce. These collaborations not only position SES as a leader in the satellite industry but also underscore the positive impact achievable through purpose-driven collaboration and innovation.


Reimagining reforestation with Tropical ReGen

A cornerstone of our commitment to climate action is the Tropical ReGen project, in partnership with ClimateForce. Situated in the heart of the Daintree, the world’s oldest rainforest system, this 372-acre pilot property in Far North Queensland, Australia, serves as a testing ground for innovative reforestation methodologies. SES and ClimateForce aim to create economically self-sustaining practices that restore the environment while fostering global innovation in climate technology.

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Tropical ReGen operates entirely off-grid, embodying circularity and sustainable practices by managing water, energy, and waste. Pioneering innovation in the regeneration sector, the project employs cutting-edge techniques, including drone scans with Light Detection and Ranging (LiDar) capabilities and research intro virtual reality and spatial mapping. SES’s SKALA satellite connectivity services support these operations, ensuring seamless communication and data transfer. Additionally, SES employees are invited to actively participate in tree planting on the farm, forging a tangible connection to our environmental initiatives.

As Tropical ReGen evolves, it stands as a model for sustainable practices, with the potential to catalyse larger regeneration efforts throughout Australia, covering thousands of hectares. SES recognises the importance of restoring the planet and actively supports projects like Tropical ReGen.

Empowering climate change awareness from Antarctica

Our commitment to environmental responsibility extends beyond terrestrial initiatives. Collaborating with ClimateForce, SES played a pivotal role in providing dedicated connectivity for the 2041 Foundation's 2022 expedition to Antarctica, led by environmental activist Robert Swan.


Antarctica's harsh conditions posed unique challenges for connectivity, but SES, in partnership with Speedcast, overcame these obstacles. SES's space segment capacity, combined with Speedcast's expertise, ensured seamless connectivity for passengers and crew onboard the ship Ocean Victory. Live streaming in HD from such a remote location became possible thanks to SES's allocation of 36MHz of C-band capacity on SES-6.

A proactive approach to design, test, and implement the solution well in advance of the expedition ensured its reliability. SES's VP of Sales Engineering, Gez Draycott, personally supported live feeds on board, underscoring SES's commitment to on-the-ground support even in the most remote locations. The success of the live stream, reaching 1,500 schools and over 30,000 students, exemplifies our dedication to environmental awareness and education.

SES's collaboration with ClimateForce showcases a holistic approach to environmental and social responsibility. By actively engaging employees and the global community in reforestation initiatives and enabling connectivity for the 2041 Foundation's expedition, SES exemplifies the positive impact achievable when a leading satellite operator aligns its mission with broader goals of environmental conservation and global connectivity. As Robert Swan, Founder of the 2041 Foundation, notes, "The whole SES team has been working hard to make sure we get our message back to the real world and challenge people to act."

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