Beyond Breaking News

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Agence France-Presse (AFP)

Written on 10 Sep 2018

Beyond Breaking News

Together with MX1, Agence France-Presse are delivering live content everywhere via MX1 360, MX1's unified media platform.

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With breaking news comes the urgency of getting live content as quickly as possible to an audience of billions. Editors need to access video content as it happens so they can deliver the crucial news sequence to their audience – anywhere in the world, and on any device. They need a flexible and reliable multi-feed solution that allows them to plan and work with their editorial selections in real time.

Agence France-Presse (AFP) is a leading global news agency. Founded in 1835, AFP now provides content to thousands of news outlets worldwide, delivering breaking news to TV channels, digital publications and production companies. Its new AFPTV Live platform was designed to make its content discoverable, be easy to use, and enable live IP delivery to better serve its clients.

Working together, MX1 and AFP designed the AFPTV Live platform based on MX1 360 – a unified media platform that enables news editors to aggregate, prepare, manage, playout and distribute content anywhere from a single user interface. MX1 360 is unique in the marketplace, helping news agencies and their media customers to seamlessly bridge from traditional broadcasting to the new media world, including online video. The solution combines robust on-site infrastructure and technical facilities with the most advanced cloud-based platform, providing the most effective way for clients to manage, enhance and deliver their content.

The partnership between AFP and MX1 enables AFP to connect its systems via an API that was co-developed with MX1. The platform enables AFP to reach many more customers than it could previously, and it now has hundreds of customers viewing live video feeds on AFPTV Live each day. Those customers can easily send selected content to their own news studio via IP delivery.

“There’s no point having great content if we can’t deliver it to our clients efficiently and reliably every day,” says Phil Chetwynd, Global Editor-in-Chief of AFP. “We are now able to fulfil two major client needs: they have all the information they need about our live coverage in real time, and they can send the content to their newsrooms via IP delivery – enabled by this solution.”

Written on 10 Sep 2018