IP Delivery

Broadcast-quality video delivery via IP

Once your content is ready for consumption, it needs to reach viewers - no matter where they are. The mode of contribution you use depends on multiple factors - like the location you’re broadcasting from, the kind of content you are delivering, and where you want to deliver your content to.

More about IP Delivery

We optimise your content delivery process based on your specific requirements. This means you can use IP to deliver content to one location, and fibre or satellite to deliver to another. Or you can deploy a hybrid content delivery model - combining multiple contribution mechanisms for maximum cost efficiency, accessibility, and reliability.

With our IP delivery solutions:

  • you can reliably deliver the broadcast-quality signals needed for standard-definition (SD), high-definition (HD) and Ultra HD content
  • you can benefit from highly flexible and convenient content delivery via IP
  • we manage the issues of jitter and packet loss to enable error-free video transmission
  • we make sure that your video signal is not just securely delivered to its destination, but is also compatible with your taker’s infrastructure

After receiving your content, we distribute it globally via satellite or over-the-top (OTT) networks - so your audiences can enjoy a seamless viewing experience on any device.  

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