Fibre Distribution

Enabling efficient video contribution via fibre

Video content can be contributed in many different ways. To choose the right contribution method, you need to strike a balance between availability, and reliability.

More about Fibre Distribution

When you’re delivering linear content from a studio that is connected via terrestrial to a media centre, optical fibre may be your preferred mode of contribution. When broadcasting from a remote venue in Brazil, satellite contribution can help you overcome the challenge of first-mile terrestrial connectivity. Whether you choose fibre or satellite contribution, we ensure that the content delivery process is streamlined and convenient. We also enable a hybrid delivery model that combines satellite and fibre contribution - so you can leverage a cost-effective and reliable solution for your specific needs.

With our fibre contribution services:

  • we ensure that your content follows a seamless path—from your studio or venue to your viewers’ homes
  • our teleports and technical facilities are connected to major points of presence (POPs) via fibre
  • our fibre lines are routed via diverse paths—and sourced from multiple providers to ensure network redundancy
  • we can contribute your bandwidth-heavy HD or Ultra HD linear channel from Los Angeles to Hong Kong—while guaranteeing that there is no loss of signal quality
  • our uplink centres ensure your content is distributed via direct to home (DTH) or cable—allowing viewers around the world to access your content on the platform of their choice 

Our teleports and media centres are interconnected via optical fibre, ensuring your content can be delivered—from where you are to where your audiences are—in the most quick and efficient manner.

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