Christophe De Hauwer 2021

Christophe De Hauwer

Chief Development Officer

Christophe De Hauwer was appointed Chief Strategy and Development Officer of SES in August 2015. He is currently leading SES’ efforts in the accelerated C-band clearing programme created by the United States Federal Commission (FCC), ensuring a faster 5G deployment across the country.

Since joining SES in 2003, Christophe has held several positions of responsibility in the areas of Strategic Marketing, Strategic and Business Planning and Corporate Development, as well as Fleet Development and Yield Management. He has played an instrumental role in the execution of key business transactions, namely the acquisition of New Skies in 2005, the GE share redemption in 2006 and the investment in O3b Networks in 2009.

Before SES, Belgian-born Christophe worked with Arthur Andersen in the European Telecommunication and Media Industry. He holds an Engineering degree and a PhD from the Université Libre de Bruxelles.

He is also a board member of SES ASTRA.