COVID-19: In It Together

Tackling the COVID-19 Crisis

In one way or another, the COVID-19 crisis has impacted just about everybody. As the virus spreads around the globe, our thoughts continue to be with those infected and the healthcare heroes on the frontlines who are doing everything to fight the virus and protect communities. 

As always, we put the safety of our people, partners and communities first and foremost throughout these unprecedented times, while also ensuring the continuity of our secure satellite communications services and operations.

Through a series of precautionary measures set in place since mid-March, almost all SESers are working from home.

Nonetheless we continue to broadcast content and deliver high-bandwidth connectivity services reliably 24/7 from our satellite fleets to ensure our customers’ operations remain uninterrupted yet at the same time, doing our part to support our local communities in an extraordinary time of need.