Ethiopian Broadcasters

Ethiopian Broadcasters

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Ethiopia, Africa

For over 30 years, SES has been a key facilitator for broadcasters worldwide, with its satellite network delivering content to billions of viewers. In emerging markets, SES’s role has been crucial, providing the means to reach audiences over huge landmasses, often living in remote locations. The introduction of SES’s cloud channel management solutions has opened up exciting new opportunities, providing a cost-effective and agile solution for launching new TV channels in these markets. Harnessing the benefits of the cloud, broadcasters of any size can now playout their channels more cost-effectively via the cloud than via hardware-based, on-premise solutions.

In certain emerging markets, connection to the Internet has often been a challenge, presenting a problem for broadcasters, especially single or multi-channel broadcasters, contributing and aggregating content from different places. At the same time, the COVID-19 pandemic has created the need for flexible broadcast workflows as well as cost reductions.

With the pandemic accelerating the deployment of reliable Internet connectivity in emerging markets, public and private broadcasters started to look for alternative solutions for channel management. Single channel operators turned to SES as their trusted satellite distribution provider, with the new cloud playout solution offering an attractive, value-added service.

SES cloud solutions virtualises all the functions of channel management and playout in cloud-based software. As well as reducing complexity, the solution speeds up the operational time to launch new channels. Using SES 360’s unified media platform, users can simply manage the cloud playout themselves.

Today, there is ever increasing demand from broadcasters in Ethiopia and other African countries to add SES cloud playout to their current SES satellite distribution services. The advantages of SES Cloud Playout are manifold, delivering cost-efficient, secure and streamlined channel management with greater agility.

“SES Cloud Playout has exceeded our expectations. Available within our umbrella SES 360 platform, this cloud-based solution allows customers to contribute content and set up their programmes in a cost-effective and organised manner with all the content stored on the cloud. Users can edit and finalise the content on their own laptop or desktop wherever they may be; all they need is connectivity and video can be quickly uploaded to the cloud. The solution has been designed for maximum usability, so users can continue to edit the content, insert advertising, and work on the graphics online, while the video is still uploading.”
Abdikadir Awabdi, Senior Manager, SES Video