Tomorrowland is the world’s number one electronic dance music festival with 16 stages and hundreds of thousands of visitors every year. In 2017 we UNITED Tomorrowland, with 7 events around the globe! What was experienced by people 260.000 live was in the end viewed 1.2B times. This was done by us via a live, two-way HD video broadcast. We shared the experience to Malta, South Korea, Germany, Spain, Lebanon, United Arab Emirates, and Israel.

SES united the seven festival events by providing satellite capacity equivalent to 18 HD channels. Our simultaneous video connectivity shared every beat, every drop, and every effect to create a truly global festival experience.

Through our partnership we are connecting crowds, amplifying amazing performances, and bring people together in completely new ways. Our satellites continue to be the ideal platform for the transmission of live events in high picture quality to a large audience. We are proud to be partners with Tomorrowland and being able to bring the magic of the festival till thousands of music lovers beyond borders.

If you want to read more about the partnership between SES and Tomorrowland, you can download the case.