Reliable Enterprise Cloud Services Your Clients Can Depend On

Reliable Enterprise Cloud Services Your Clients Can Depend On

SES Networks provides telcos and mobile network operators (MNOs) with turnkey, managed network solutions, and a full suite of “virtual network operator” management and monitoring tools that don’t require a major capital investment or dedicated, in-house operations.

Over the past few years, the demand for enterprise cloud services has exploded and shows no signs of slowing down. With most businesses already utilizing some form of cloud service, providing clients with reliable, seamless and high capacity cloud connectivity has never been more important. 

Capitalizing on Enterprise Services Growth

Over 90% of North American enterprises are already leveraging some form of cloud services, and nearly 60% of North American enterprises now rely on public cloud platforms, five times the percentage that did just five years ago. The result is a growing need for reliable broadband and cloud services. 

SES Networks’ Signature Enterprise Solution empowers telcos and MNOs with turnkey, managed network solutions, supported by a versatile range of connectivity service packages, and high-throughput satellite capacity across multiple regions. By utilizing our managed network services portfolio and partnerships with top-tier cloud service providers, telcos and MNOs provide their business customers with better cloud performance at lower costs. 

Expertise with Proven Results

When customers adopt enterprise cloud solutions, they expect concrete results and performance optimized for cloud applications. Our Signature Enterprise Solution leverages SES Networks’ proven success in delivering managed network services to mobile operators and telcos, which harness the power of our MEO and GEO satellite fleets. 

SES removes the complexity of network expansion by eliminating first-in capital costs, managing the service lifecycle, and enabling the outsourcing of satellite network operations. By simplifying the process, we allow the operator to focus on what they do best—selling services and providing superior customer service. 

Bandwidth Growth is Creating More Opportunities to Expand

Bandwidth consumption continues to rise at a startling pace. Enterprises are expected to increase provisioned bandwidth by more than 30% annually across all site types. Companies deploying SD-WAN bandwidth require even more bandwidth, up to 50% more than enterprises offering standard WAN connectivity. With 60% of companies planning on rolling out SD-WAN by the end of 2020, telcos need to adapt to keep up with the growing hunger for data storage and cloud services, especially for clients located in remote or hard to access locations. (IEEE ComSoc)

SES Network’s high-throughput, low-latency satellites provide scalable capacity to even the most remote sites, whether they’re permanent, transient, or constantly on the move. SES Networks’ turnkey, managed data services are underpinned by a highly flexible range of connectivity service packages, enabling MNOs and telcos to scale more economically. In addition, SES Networks is strengthening our Signature Enterprise solution with SD-WAN technology, helping operators meet increasing bandwidth demand more efficiently through intelligent, application-aware traffic steering. 

Why SES?

Our Signature Enterprise Solutions offer turnkey managed data services that provide reliable business broadband to any location. These business network solutions empower you with full visibility and control over a right-sized pool of wide beam or high-throughput satellite capacity, enabling you to profitably serve your business markets—with your brand, and on your terms.

You will benefit from:

  • Minimal capital investment to expand your network reach
  • A full suite of "virtual network operator" management and monitoring tools
  • Flexible, granular bandwidth pricing packages to suit your business needs
  • Deep expertise delivering end-to-end managed network services

With a growing need for powerful and reliable enterprise cloud services, SES Networks is uniquely positioned to help you meet your client’s needs. By harnessing our Signature Enterprise Solutions, telcos and MNOs can effectively scale their cloud service operations based on their unique needs and the needs of their clients.

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