Whenever, wherever you need us

Meeting the surge in demand for connectivity

With employees from countless companies and organisations across the globe working from home, schools focusing on remote education platforms, and intensified healthcare and crisis management operations, we’ve seen unprecedented increases in the usage of videoconferencing software and streaming content, and popular business applications are enhancing their networks to keep their backend running.

Such a sudden shift in data traffic patterns places a strain on network infrastructure across the world. We are glad we could increase network capacity for OptimERA so that residents and businesses in parts of Alaska can access city-wide WiFi and broadband services as always despite the “Stay at Home” rule.

In times like these, keeping communications up and running is more important than ever. We would be keen to show you how our network capacity can help alleviate your increase in traffic.

Whether you are a current customer of our GEO- or MEO-based services or entirely new to SES, we:

  • Have dedicated a team of specialists to accelerate the delivery of satellite communications services;
  • Can augment or provide back-up to your current service with additional, temporary capacity and network services, without requiring upgrades to your sites or little to no SES onsite support;
  • Can leverage our direct cloud connectivity to provide reliable, private, and optimised cloud services directly to your network, improving the user experience for those working or learning from home or remotely.

Whatever your needs are, we’re all in this together, and we want to show our support with commercial flexibility in accommodating the fluctuations to your network capacity demands.