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Flying 8,000km above the Earth’s surface, the O3b MEO constellation delivers low-latency broadband to any area within 45° north or south of the equator. Our fibre-equivalent connectivity enables the delivery of carrier-grade, cloud-ready services, including MEF Carrier Ethernet 2.0 certified services.

This enables mobile network operators (MNOs), fixed-line service providers, and enterprises to expand their footprint into regions that are difficult or impossible to serve via terrestrial networks. For government and mobility customers, the O3b MEO constellation meets the growing demand for broadband connectivity to power high-capacity, low-latency applications. 
Our 2021 launch of the O3b mPOWER constellation will transform the communications industry by providing unprecedented flexibility and scalability. Its more than 35,000 beams can be shaped and steered for superior bandwidth efficiency, delivering multiple terabits of throughput globally so customers receive high-quality, ultra-resilient bandwidth anywhere in the world.

You will benefit from: 

  • The ability to enable digital transformation in a flexible and cost-effective manner
  • Managed services model that reduces the risk of deploying high-speed connectivity
  • Future-proof space assets that pave the way for 5G use cases



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