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Presta Bist

Civil Government

Chad, Africa

PRESTA BIST in Chad unlocks and drives economic growth across the region with SES
PRESTA BIST sees the connectivity they’re able to provide customers in Chad as equivalent to fibre, and nothing short of “revolutionary.” They are providing customers with bandwidth that had been impossible until now, and are using the SES Networks service as a massive differentiator in the market. The quality of service improved so much, PRESTA BIST saw a customer increase of over 300%.

Chad is a land-locked country in Central Africa. The country’s remote Sahel region is a transitionary zone between the Sahara desert, and the Sudanian savannah. Connecting the inhabitants of this region proved challenging due to the country’s geographic location and features.

Presta Bist Telecoms is an Internet Service Provider and Pay-TV operator that delivers high-availability broadband connectivity to consumers and companies across Chad. Its national network of wireless broadband, VSAT, and soon-to-be-added fibre provide a high-end and innovative offering of 1G fibre connections, internet, VPN and hosting. The company’s mission is to assist its customers in navigating the new technological revolution.

Our Trunk solution provides essential connectivity that enables Presta Bist to extends its network into the Sahel region for crystal clear voice services, live HD video, and high-speed downloads.

“It is always a pleasure to be the first to introduce revolutionary technology to a region – especially that of SES Networks, which provides a fibre-like experience. Like any operator, it gives us pride to be able to say that Presta Bist has enabled Chad to be the first country in the Sahel region to deploy and make concrete this revolutionary technology. This is a huge milestone for connectivity in the Sahel.”Moussa Radjab, CEO of Presta Bist