Delivering High-Performance Cloud Services Anywhere

Delivering High-Performance Cloud Services Anywhere

SES Network’s high-capacity, low-latency managed network services help cloud providers and telcos empower enterprises with access to cloud services and applications anywhere on the globe

Recently, several tech CFOs were asked to name the factors that had the most measurable impact on their companies in recent years. Seventy-four percent of tech CFOs answered unequivocally: cloud computing (Forbes). Cloud service providers are the backbone of modern data technology. Clients rely on cloud services to keep their data accessible and secure, which is why providing them with reliable and trustworthy network services is an essential part of the cloud service business. Enterprises that were once unable to approximate the scale, flexibility, functionality, and cost of their digital needs can now successfully navigate these changes using cloud services underpinned by robust networking solutions available everywhere they do business. 

Cloud Service Expertise

Cloud providers enable businesses to confidently implement new business models, services, and operations that conventional models were previously unable to accomplish. As a result, clients rely on the expertise of cloud providers to help them guide their decisions and implement robust cloud services. 

SES Networks provides networking expertise to cloud providers and telco companies, helping them guide their clients through the cloud adoption process. For clients with remote, transient, or mobile sites, adopting cloud services can be particularly challenging. SES simplifies the process by providing global reach seamlessly, and by working with Tier1 and other telcos to support their clients’ access to the cloud. By harnessing the power of high-capacity, low-latency satellite technology, SES Networks delivers reliable, ubiquitous connectivity to the most remote locations on earth, whether it be a connecting a cruise ship at sea or enabling cloud services at an island getaway. 

Trusted Partnership 

Guiding enterprise clients through a cloud adoption process can be challenging. Rolling out cloud services without the right technology, or without the help of experts, can cause inconsistent performance and a lack of coverage across an entire company, especially companies with remote or transient sites. Cloud providers that team up with SES Networks gain access to our reliable high-speed, low-latency managed connectivity services. For cloud-connected businesses, the result is improved IT performance, better reliability and a more efficient use of IT budget.  

Robust and Simple Low Latency Connectivity

When interconnecting with cloud providers, telcos expect reliability, simplicity, and standards-based services. Our O3b MEO Ethernet services are only satellite-enabled connectivity offerings that are MEF Carrier Ethernet certified, which means our clients and cloud partners can rely on SES Networks to provide high-performance networking services with MEF-compliant service level agreements. 

Being MEF 2.0 certified requires that we comply with MEF’s strict definitions of service quality, meaning that cloud providers can rest assured knowing that our functionality and performance are held to a higher standard, and in turn, are prepared to meet the most demanding network challenges.     

Partners with Leading Cloud Service Providers

SES Networks is leading the way by becoming a partner of leading cloud service providers.  For example, SES Networks recently signed on with IBM Clouds Direct Link partner program. By partnering with cloud service providers, we enable telcos to offer their Enterprise customers access to our end-to-end, managed” direct-connect” services to cloud data centers, improving the reach and performance of their client’s cloud applications. 

Why SES?

Our Signature Cloud Solutions deliver unmatched network coverage and cloud-optimized connectivity to you and your telecom and mobile operator partners anywhere on the globe. As the only satellite-enabled operator to offer MEF Carrier Ethernet 2.0 certified services, we make low-latency Ethernet network interconnection simple and robust. We also enable the deployment of edge computing closer to your customers, leveraging an expansive partner ecosystem to deliver high-performance cloud services wherever your customers are located.

You will benefit from:

  • Global reach with the industry's only multi-orbit, multi-band satellite fleet
  • Proven experience delivering scalable cloud networking solutions
  • Unmatched expertise addressing key use cases across key industry verticals 
  • Improved security and reliability by combining SES Networks connectivity services with other terrestrial services to address/avoid any environmental or other disruptions

SES Networks understands how important delivering reliable and powerful cloud services is to your clients. Our technology ensures that none of your clients get left behind.

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