VSAT in Latin America

VSAT in Latin America

Making the VSAT leap

With high-growth verticals such as oil and gas and commercial mobility segments increasingly demanding VSAT-enabled data services, VSAT applications continue to gain ground across the world, especially in Latin America.

Bringing e-Gov services to rural areas

VSAT has helped governments drive e-government initiatives and digital inclusion programs in countries across Latin America.

Whether it is to connect schools to remote villages, provide agricultural and weather updates, or facilitate e-registration of births, governments today are realizing the massive potential of connectivity for better governance and to improve the lives of its people.

Today, governments across the region are tapping into VSAT to roll out initiatives to raise public sector productivity and efficiency, and provide improved and easy-to-use services for citizens.     

Always-on offshore operations

From the Arctic to Argentina, the Americas have long held a pivotal role in the global crude oil market.

Despite the worldwide industry slowdown, operations and crew welfare needs remain. As energy sites are often located in far-flung locations, VSAT presents a quick and cost-effective means to keep them connected.

Always-on connectivity also enables oil and gas companies to run critical applications and streamline operations, ensuring a high level of operational efficiency and ultimately boosting profit margins.

Big business in small business

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) hold the key to the economic and social development in most emerging markets, playing a critical role in creating jobs and generating income.

And it is no different across Latin America. An overwhelming majority (about 80-90%) of the companies making significant contributions to the countries’ GDP growth are micro enterprises .

For SMEs located in semi-urban and rural areas, and tech-savvy owners looking to implement cashless payment systems and online commerce, VSAT is deployed for reliable, flexible, and secure broadband connectivity to keep them always connected.