VSAT: The Key to Enterprise Connectivity

VSAT: The Key to Enterprise Connectivity

Connectivity on the move has become absolutely essential to the modern, digitally savvy consumer. Bank and retail businesses must ensure their networks can handle increasing volumes of applications and data services. Offshore and remote oil and gas operations need secure and reliable broadband connectivity to exchange critical data with staff at headquarters, and to boost operational efficiency. NGOs need secure connectivity to improve healthcare in remote regions via e-health platforms that store patient data, and connect healthcare providers with an international community for diagnosis and training. No matter which industry you’re in, reliable connectivity and high-speed broadband services are often the first order of business.

The global VSAT market is expect to reach 3 million sites by 2024, with VSAT applications continuing to gain ground. Demand for VSAT enabled data services is fuelled by a wide range of applications, including mobile banking, mobile backhaul, e-health and education.

These applications have created a growing demand for VSAT networks to connect numerous corporate sites and branch offices located in remote areas. Industry reports suggest that the VSAT market will continue to see robust growth over the next few years, with 87% of the new demand coming from the provision of satellite broadband access .

Our satellite fleet’s high-powered capabilities are instrumental to helping our customers address specific data requirements and unlock new market opportunities.

Our upcoming High Throughput Satellites (HTS) with next-generation spot-beam technology are expected to have a notable impact on VSAT services. These satellites will enable you to take advantage of massive throughputs to address a greater range of data applications at a lower cost per bit.
More data bandwidth, with a lower cost per bit – the future for satellite-enabled VSAT networks has never looked brighter. Our Data and Mobility team will help you to unlock new business opportunities and open up new markets.

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