Grow Your Audience

We understand that audience reach is critical to your business. With more than 40 DTH platforms, broadcasters trust us to deliver a wide range of media content to their customers’ homes – including standard TV, HDTV and the world’s first Ultra HD channels.

Our satellites serve over 8,200 channels to more than 1 billion people across 355 million homes. And as you need more than just broadcast, our range of solutions include the preparation and transmission of content for both linear and non-linear platforms, as well as a full suite of media services including digital distribution and playout of content for video-on-demand, streaming and satellite TV.

We understand that you want to provide the best content in all necessary formats, to reach new audiences wherever and however they watch it. We are here to help you grow your audience.

Satellite Monitors

Household reach highlights of year end 2018

Satellite Monitors are an annual market research study commissioned by SES and carried out by independent institutes.

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