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Supporting New Technologies in Romania, Bulgaria and Moldova

Supporting New Technologies in Romania, Bulgaria and Moldova

The way TV content reaches its viewers is constantly changing and improving – and we have been early supporters of many of these changes. For more than 30 years, we have led innovations in the field of satellite transmissions. We pioneered digital television in Europe starting in 1995, and have led the development of HD TV since 2004. Working together with our partners, we are now focused on cutting-edge technologies to further develop the Ultra HD transmission.

Alongside our role as a world-leading technology company, we are also deeply involved in the local markets in the countries where we do business. Each year, we conduct a survey about the TV behaviour of Romanian, Moldovan, and Bulgarian TV viewers, so that we can remain connected to the market conditions, and what viewers want. Based on our findings, our annual “Better with HD” campaign aims to bring HD technology closer to the public, unveiling its secrets and highlighting the consumer’s improved viewing experience. The campaign includes both local and national media, bloggers, online communications, press releases, press conferences and industry events.