SES Abidjan forum redefines executive briefings

SES Abidjan forum redefines executive briefings

Satellite operator SES, in collaboration with BSP Media International, used the recent industry forum on Connectivity Opportunities for Broadcast Video, Broadband and Data Services in Abidjan as a platform to reinvent the way similar events will be held in the future.

SES found that the more traditional approaches to events of these nature are ineffective. As such, it appointed a core working team featuring people from different business units in the organisation to determine a new structure.

“The marketing team investigated ways the forum can be used to help support sales in identifying new opportunities. It embraced a new research methodology following the identification of key verticals within the West African market,” says Ebrahim Choonara.

Once the segments were identified, the team researched extensively the challenges in those West African countries. It also identified potential customers that would be invited to join existing partners at the forum.

“Given the level of innovation taking place in technology and its adoption for satellite services, our marketing team relooked how we could extend this thought leadership into the event space,” says Choonara.

The research assisted SES in developing solutions specific to the vertical requirements of the invited delegates. Presentation were scheduled over the course of the two days of the industry forum to highlight how the solutions would address the needs of the executives in attendance.

“With several solid leads generated from the two days, the bespoke approach to the forum has really showed us (and others in the industry) the way forward when it comes to events of this calibre. We are excited about applying this dynamic new way of eventing to our other upcoming sessions,” adds Choonara.

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