SES-14 in North America

Accompanying the opportunities in high growth markets in the Americas and North Atlantic

To accompany growth and opportunities across America and the North Atlantic region, SES launched the SES-14 satellite in 2018.

Positioned at 47.5 ° west, SES-14 serves Latin America, the Caribbean, North America and the North Atlantic region with broad beams covering the C and Ku bands and spots with high processing capacity on the Ku band. SES received a license to operate in this Brazilian orbital position as a result of a spectral auction in 2014.

The wide C-band signal coverage of SES-14 was designed as a second video distribution position for cable and DTH operators in Latin America, while the capacity of high-throughput spot beams on the Ku band will serve the dynamic aeronautical market and other applications of intense traffic such as maritime, mobile transmission and broadband services. Broad Ku-band coverage bundles will also serve the growing market for VSAT network operations and DTH operations throughout Latin America.

SES-14 differentiates itself by the use of its wide coverage beams in combination with spot beams. This enables the optimization of entertainment and connectivity applications by delivering live TV content and internet capability simultaneously, thereby increasing the market that SES can meet with this launch.

Martin Halliwell, Chief Technology Officer, SES, comments "Thanks to the successful launch of SES-14, people across Latin America will be able to receive better-quality TV content and airline passengers, flying routes across America and the North Atlantic, will have access to high-speed broadband connectivity. "

In addition, the satellite also carries a NASA hosted payload. The Global-Scale Observations of the Limb and Disk (GOLD) mission will provide unprecedented images of Earth's upper atmosphere from the geostationary orbit. With this it will be possible for scientists to deepen their studies and understanding about the thermosphere-ionosphere.

That way the SES-14 brings broad benefits: reliable connectivity to businesses and communities and the opportunity for NASA scientists to deepen their studies of the boundaries between Earth and space.

Click here to download the SES-14 datasheet