Reinvesting in Africa

Reinvesting in Africa

In 2013, we partnered with ESMT: Multinational School of Telecommunications, which is the leading telecommunications school in West Africa.

The partnership includes a course called “Train the Trainer”, which focuses on building a more robust and sustainable education infrastructure.  Together with ESMT, we qualified ten new trainers from ESMT’s top class, who then went on to educate other installers across the continent.

The course itself combines technical expertise and business experience to provide the most detailed and in-depth installer training course to date. Today, our educators continue to work with us to train additional installers across Africa.

We continue to reinvest in the installer community, as shown with our original group of trainers in Senegal, to further connect our company with Africa. Our programme has contributed to the creation of more than 600 jobs and more than 2000 trained installers.

The course itself includes the combine technical expertise and business experience of the original SES and ESMT team to provide the most detailed and in depth Installer training course to date.  Today, those leaders continue to work with us throughout Western Africa to train further installers.  

“It’s about passing on the knowledge, creating jobs, so the students can go out and make something of themselves" says Neil Bellingham, an Elevate Trainer.